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Moving an IT company is more tedious than when dealing with the other types of offices. In most cases, you will have bulky, big and difficult to park electronics. Some IT offices will also call for packing items in multiple rooms.

If you don’t have enough time and sufficient skills to do all this, you should not try to handle the task on your own. IT moving involves a lot of work whether your company is small or big. Here are some of the project planning and management moving tips that will make sure that you have a smooth move for your IT office in Los Angeles.

Begin to Plan for Your Move Early

When moving to a new IT office, there should not be a thing like ‘winging up.’ Begin to plan early by deciding who will do what, how everything will be done, and set a timeline to complete each task.

If you fail to do this, you may begin to scramble at the last minute. Remember, nobody wants to run up and down in the middle of the night while trying to pack several massive printers in readiness for transportation.

You have to get everything ready for the move day in good time. You also have to plan where everything will go once you get to the new office. Using a blueprint, you will need to figure out the common space and office layouts and any new needs that might arise. There are times when you will discover that you need a few months to plan for your office relocation efficiently. It may also take you a few months to set up everything and make it ready.

You also need to plan for your moving budget in advance. If you are not sure how much you will need, you can come to us for an estimate. Moving is an expensive endeavor especially when you are dealing with IT items. Therefore, having all this information in good time will make the whole process seamless.

Appoint a Moving Manager

Even though you will be dividing the work among several employees, you need a designated manager to facilitate the whole process and follow up on every step. This individual is responsible to make sure that everything is progressing.

If you are appointing a moving company to handle the move, this will be the contact person between your company and the movers. It tells you that you need to choose an employee who has prior experience in IT moving.

The manager should be able to supervise the move from the beginning to the end. Most of the IT items are very delicate. Therefore, you need one of your employees to make sure that the movers are handling them in the right manner.

Appoint a Moving Manager

Project Planning and Management

With so many IT moving companies in Los Angeles, it can be hard to determine which one is the best. The challenge becomes higher when all of them claim to be the most experienced and knowledgeable.

That is why it is recommended to search and get quotes from at least three professional IT moving companies in Los Angeles. The information that you get will help you to schedule your move appropriately.

It is advisable to hire a full service moving company especially if you have the budget. These experts will handle the packing, loading, unloading and even unpacking of your items.

Get some recommendations of movers who are experienced in IT relocations. Get a company that has a successful proven track record in this niche. To get an accurate quote from us, we request that you allow us to carry out a walkthrough.

This exercise will help us to evaluate the scope of work and allocate the right size of crew and trucks. It tells you why we will not stop at the point of you describing what you would like us to do over the phone.

Always choose an IT moving company that is insured and licensed. These are some of the indicators of a reputable company. It is good to make sure that the company will handle your belongings safely.

Let everyone be Responsible for the Packing of His Desk

The moving company should typically take care of the big items. However, it is more helpful when every employee is responsible for his or her desk.

Everyone should pack his desk early enough so that there is nothing like last-minute rush. Give your employees some time off to make sure that everything within their desks is packed. Doing so will help you to avoid complains once you get to the new office.

Don’t Forget IT

Disconnecting and reconnecting your tech items is among the biggest inherent complications when moving to a new office in Los Angeles. Once you know the date that your IT department will be moving, draft a plan that you will use to transfer the technical equipment of your office.

The list comprises of phones, servers, computers, internet and data plans. It is an enormous job and you may not be able to outsource everything to the movers. Some of the tasks may call for the input of specialized IT professionals.

If you need to get rid of some pieces of equipment, set up a plan that you will use to donate or recycle them. Several non-profit organizations accept used IT items. Therefore, you can choose to donate the items to some of these organizations.

There are some instances where the equipment should not be in its current working condition. These are the times when you will be required to recycle the items. Our IT moving company will help you to handle all these requirements no matter your location within the Los Angeles area.

Get to Know Your Building Rules

Unless your company is the owner of the building that you are moving out or in, you need to understand the rules that govern the relocation process. Some of them only allow moving during the non-business hours while others expect you to put in a special request to be able to use the service elevator.

These are the things that we expect you to do as the business owner. If the building management needs a certificate of insurance, we will process that on your behalf. Get all the building management rules as early as you can. All this information will determine the logistics on your moving day. Don’t take anything for granted as it can have adverse effects on the moving process.

Put Orders for Change of Address in Place

You should begin to update the official documents with the new address the soonest that you can. Therefore, put orders for the new return labels, envelopes, letterhead, and business cards to name a few.

All these updates should be ready by the time you are getting to the new address. Also update your customers about the new location especially regular ones. It is better if you update all your documents before the move day than risk going for several days or weeks without them in the new space.

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Diligently Label Your Boxes

It is important to label boxes for all your moves especially when going into a new office. Carefully labeling the boxes will make your operations to run smoothly during and after the move. You will not be looking everywhere for the printing papers or toner when you need them most.

Labeling each box will enhance the level of efficiency in your new location. Don’t forget to maintain a corresponding spreadsheet that has the number of each box and a list of items that are inside it. This exercise will save you a lot of time as you settle in your new office. Everyone will find it very easy to access the inventory.

Ensure That All Things Will Fit Well

While you may want to bring all your IT equipment with you, the dimensions of some of them may not fit in your new space. Don’t waste your money, time, and energy on transporting the items that you are not going to use.

Get the dimensions of each item and compare with the available space. This step is necessary for those things that occupy a lot of space. As you choose a new office, make sure that it can accommodate your existing tech and furniture. You need to do this before paying for the new office and not after moving in. Our professionals can help you to carry out these evaluations in order to help you avoid last-minute disappointments. Even though moving an IT office is a lot of work, we make everything a breeze. In most cases, there is a good reason as to why you are moving from one office to another. We are here to make sure that you are getting the best moving experience ever.

Planning ahead of time means that everything will move smoothly during the move. One of the things you should not forget is to identify a reputable IT moving company. To schedule your move with us, you can call us on (800) 940-2204. You can also send us an email on

Our customer care team will take the least time possible to get back to you with a moving quote. Most people in Los Angeles love our moving crew because we serve them with a high level of diligence. You can be sure of getting a response from us regardless of the communication channel that you would prefer to use to reach out to us.