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Data Center Relocation Migration

The need to move your data center equipment from one facility to another arises over time and for various reasons. If you operate a data center for your company, you could be looking for someone who will help you execute the move. No other company will give you better services that what IT Moving Company offers.

We have been in this industry for several years and hence understand the best practices that will help you with data center relocation in Los Angeles. If you don’t keep certain things in mind, you may end up coursing more harm than good to your IT equipment.

It is advisable to prepare a data center migration checklist when preparing for your move. Our company keeps the best practices when helping you to move your date center from one location to the other.

In this article, I will help you to understand the top data center relocation considerations. Moving data centers is a potentially costly and time consuming endeavor. It tells you why you need a clear data center migration plan to execute this exercise successfully.

With the right professionals in place, you will not have to worry about these logistics. These experts have the right knowledge and tools to migrate your data center effectively. That is why you need to get data center migration services to help you with this move.

Decide on What to Move

You may buy a new set of equipment, move part of the items, or transport everything to the new location. It is an excellent opportunity to do away with the old IT equipment and trade in rentals.

Moving IT equipment can be a risky undertaking because something can break along the way. If this happens, you will be unable to have your systems running once you get to the new site. It tells you why we offer cargo insurance for all the items that you are moving.

You need to go through various contracts carefully to determine the company that has your interests at heart. A good company will take good care of both your software and hardware requirements during the move. Proper packing of your items will make sure that there is no damage whatsoever.

Just make sure that you are getting the best IT moving company to handle your needs. There can be some limitations based on compatibility and location issues. You may need the movers to tear down everything and assemble it again. You can always come to us for the best deals in the market.

The other area that we help you is adapting your IT equipment to the new space. It could be the time for you to implement pods or aisle containment. You may also be required to design a high density environment. Migrations allow you to explore efficiencies and look at what is working and what does not work for the design of your facility.

Once you know the equipment that you are moving, determine whether you will move it in chunks or all at once. Choose an option that will allow all the various elements of your data center to run efficiently once you transfer the systems. Otherwise, you may need a service contract or rentals to avoid any downtime. If your organization does not have a problem with downtime, this may not really be a problem to you.

It is always advisable to go for service providers because they have the necessary resources to move. It is good to go for a professional IT company in Los Angeles that specializes in data center relocation. Just make sure you have experienced movers because of the nature of IT equipment.

Review the Environment and Perform Equipment Inventory

Before you unplug anything and take it to the loading dock, pull down the inventory documentation and system logs. Confirm whether everything is available and note any new equipment.

Measure utilization to find out scheduled backups, live workloads, and current applications and software. If you are using service contracts, make sure you notify them. For instance, disaster recovery should start to point to the new locations. Some IT items may need special licensing so that they can run temporarily and concurrently as you get to the new facility.

Tag what is going and what is staying. If you are moving a certain piece of equipment, look up for the serial number and warranty information and record it. Make sure everything in the migration process will make the warranty void.

It is now the time for setting up and adjusting backups and disaster recovery. It is recommended to have both a cloud-based and physical backup. The best way to prepare for the actual move is to test for disaster recovery.

Gather a Team and Make the Move

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Scheduling the actual moving date will help you to avoid interfering with heavy business periods such as an internal project or upcoming product launch. May be you wish to do the actual moving during the off hours. Make sure you will get access to all the required building areas.

Group your employees into digital teams, leaders, and physical movers. The company that will do the physical moving will be coordinating with all these groups. Create a comprehensive moving plan to include what and how you will move, testing, installation, and backup plans. Think of the risk that is involved at every step and focus on minimizing any impact on your business.

Organize and pack sensibly as you label everything. Cable boxes need lengths and types of them. Note in the servers the room or block that they are designated to for easy installation. Moving the data center floor by floor may be the best way forward. However, some people prefer to move the non-critical items first. Our data center relocation company will serve you regardless of the approach that you decide to use.

We will also dispose of the old supplies and equipment responsibly. If you need to recycle some of the equipment, we will help you by taking it to the right place. However, you have to make sure that there is no data on such devices.

Purge-level sanitation or clear technology may not be enough to purge data. Physical destruction or degaussing of storage may be the best way forward depending on the circumstances. You also need to handle dangerous equipment such as batteries carefully.

Security is of utmost importance during data center relocation. Truck your IT equipment, know your movers, and keep a close eye on the security logs. Since firewalls are shut down and doors are open to allow the carrying of items, people can easily sneak past your perimeter. Keep watch and make sure that nothing gets destroyed or stolen.

Document and Test

The moving company should typically take care of the big items. However, it is more helpful when every employee is responsible for his or her desk.

Everyone should pack his desk early enough so that there is nothing like last-minute rush. Give your employees some time off to make sure that everything within their desks is packed. Doing so will help you to avoid complains once you get to the new office.

Don’t Forget IT

Once you have installed everything, you can start testing. You always need to confirm with the data center relocation checklist at this point. Check of with your list of applications and systems to make sure that they are running well or you need to do a replacement.

Audit your project and review it for future documentation as you evaluate how successful your move was. Check whether you managed to hit your schedule or if you met your design specifications. Get to know what your team thinks about the move especially if the data center is meeting their needs past the move.

There is so much that you need to track during data center moving. These steps will help you to think about what, how, why, when and where to move your IT systems and equipment. The biggest take away could be documenting the whole process.

As an IT moving company, we prefer to list all the items that we will be moving in the estimate. A comprehensive list is crucial as it can also help up to process your moving estimate. In case there are any errors along the way, it will be easy to identify them if you have documented everything.

To get in touch with us, all you need to do is call us on (800) 940-2204. The other option is sending us an email on . Our company has a reliable crew that will make sure that we move everything smoothly and safely.